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Monday, 25 January 2016

4 Quilting Apps You Can Not Live Without: 2016

4 quilting apps you can not live without 2016

Back when I first started quilting, I struggled with yardage calculations, resizing blocks and any other kind of quilting math. Everything was done manually back then. Most of the time I'd just wing it when it came to buying yardage, but that was risky. Resizing blocks was done with graph paper and pencil unless I had a magazine to give me the templates. I didn't even have a rotary cutter! Now technology is helping quilters with all this math stuff and I love it. Here are four quilting apps I can't live without.

1. The Quilter's Little Helper by Robert Kaufman

I love this app because it does all the quilting math work for you, which is great for me because I'm pretty much math challenged.
It has several calculations, but my favourites are: backing and batting measurements, binding yardage needed, and piece count (calculates the number of pieces you can cut from a larger piece of fabric).

2. Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool by C&T Publishing, Inc.

This app is great if you need a specific size for one of the basic blocks. It gives you the cutting measurements for 201 blocks in 5 different sizes. It also has a guide for basic cutting and sewing methods.

3. How Much Thread by Superior Threads

Just like it says, this app calculates the amount of thread you'll need for your quilt project. It only provides measurements for the average bed sizes, so you can't calculate for your own specific project if it's not a bed, i.e wall quilts. You could, however, use a bed size that is closest to your project size and go from there. Also, you have to remember to double your amount calculated for the bobbin thread.

4. Colour Wheel by Google Play (This app is no longer available)

I love this app. I recently posted information on colour theory for quilters and this would be a good companion app for that. You can get your quilt colours by setting the combination you want to use, i.e. triad, and pointing your "pie" at the main colour you want to use in that combination. For example, let's say your main colour is red and you want a triad combination for red. Using the drop down menu, select Triad. Then, turn your pie to point at red and all the triad colours will appear on the top. This app is very user-friendly and you get your results in seconds.

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

A new year begins: looking back, looking forward.

water lily monica curry

Well, a new year has begun. 2015 was full of positive changes, both for me personally and for our home. Personally, I overcame my lifelong battle with depression with top notch professional help and a lot of hard work. Our home has a new kitchen and our yard has a new pond. As of June 2016, we will have lived in our little house for 10 years, and we finally have it just the way we like it.

I started my quilting blog in 2015 and, after a number of changes, finally have it set up the way I like it. The setup took a lot of time away from my quilting, which is kind of ironic, but I have ideas for some great block and wall quilt designs for 2016. I can't wait to start posting them!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2016 is full of joy and love.