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Friday, 29 September 2017

New Pattern for Halloween: Witchy Boots

Halloween is almost here again. This is my favourite time of year. Costume parties, treats, tricks, and spooky stuff of all kinds...I love it all. Today, I'm launching my new Halloween pattern Witchy Boots for 2017. This mini quilt is a simple applique pattern that's perfect for a confident beginner. The finished size is 13" x 15" (32.5cm x 37.5cm).

Witch Boots Mini Quilt Pattern

Witch Boots  and Black Crow Halloween Mini Quilt

Friday, 15 September 2017

SEPTEMBER STUDIO TOUR: Three DIY Pincushion Ideas with Tutorials

Welcome to my first monthly quilting studio tour. We spend a lot of time making our quilt projects, so I think it's important to have an inviting and functional space to work in. There are many different types of quilting studios. Some are cottages in the yard while others are in the corner of the dining room. But no matter what type or size of the space, we have to make our studios work for us. I started my studio tours to share items and ideas from my quilting studio that keep it comfortable, functional and inspiring. Whether it’s the latest ruler, furniture hack, storage idea, or décor item, posts will include things like tutorials, free printables, free patterns, etc. So, come on in! Welcome to my quilting studio!


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Pin cushions are an absolute necessity in any sewing studio. You usually don't realize this until you don't have one around when you need it. If you go online or on Pinterest, you'll see hundreds of different variations of a pin cushion. There was, however, one pin cushion I fell in love with. It's the vintage planter pin cushion.

How to Make a Vintage Planter Pin Cushion

I came across these little cuties at Lovely Little Handmaids and knew I had to make one. I picked up a vintage planter at the flower shop and, in no time, I made this adorable little pin cushion. See the instructions below to make your own. I think they would make great gifts for your sewist friends.

Vintage Planter Pin Cushion Tutorial


You can probably find one of these little planters at a thrift shop or rummage sale for a few cents. You may also want to check out your local florist shop to see if they have any kicking around from days gone by.

Step One
To give the pin cushion extra weight, glue pebbles to the bottom of the container with a glue gun.

Step Two
Measure the diameter of the opening of the container and cut a circular piece of fabric two inches larger than this measurement.

Step Three
With a strong thread, stitch around the edge of the fabric. Pull the thread to gather the fabric leaving an opening large enough to insert the filler.

Step Four
Stuff the fabric with lots of filler then tighten the thread and secure it with a knot.

Step Five
With a glue gun, apply hot glue around the inner edge of the container. Place the "fabric ball" into the container making sure it adheres to the glue.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Little Puppy Placemat Pattern

Last week I launched my cute Kitty Kat placemat pattern. This week I'm introducing its partner, my new Little Puppy placemat. Both placemats are great for kids or grand-kids, but could also be used as hot pads in the kitchen. They are simple to make with basic fusible appliquè. This pattern is perfect for the confident beginner who wants to learn bias binding and fusible appliquè.

Little Puppy Placemat Pattern

Little Puppy Quilted Placemat Pattern by Monica Curry

Little Puppy Quilted Placemat Pattern by Monica Curry