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Monday, 9 March 2015

My Hat From a Life Lived

This is my art hat titled Empty Nest that was in the art show Hats From a Life Lived held in Fall 2014.

hat from a life lived

The show was organised by Manitoba fibre artist Colette Balcaen and the concept for the show was quite beautiful.
When [Anastazja Urbanik] passed on at the age of 94, I received many of her hats. Now my project, Hats From a Life Lived, gives the opportunity to many artists to express an aspect of their life. The participants adapt a hat from another life to give it a new life.”   - Colette Balcaen
Empty Nest was created to commemorate my journey that began 20+ years ago after losing a child to an ectopic pregnancy. Prior to my miscarriage, I experienced many years of infertility, so this loss was especially tragic.

I grew up during a time when women were often defined by their ability to bear children and be mothers. So, the experience of infertility and subsequent miscarriage forced me to explore my place in the world as a woman without children. Over the years, I’ve learned that the power of the feminine goes beyond childbearing. I’ve embellished the “nest” of the piece to accentuate the rich life I’ve had without children. The spiral of the piece represents the feminine life force. With or without children I believe this powerful force runs through all women and is our source of strength and creativity.

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