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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Kandinsky Revisited: Inspiration for a new art quilt

When I first started my blog a couple of years ago, I posted an art quilt I created that was inspired by the art of Wassily Kandinsky. Get the post HERE.

Kandinsky inspired art quilt mystic bird

I've recently been itchin' to try something different, so I thought I'd revisit my Kandinsky phase; I'm glad I did. Recently, I found other quilts inspired by Kandinsky and discovered Kandinsky quilts are quite a thing in the quilting world.

Below are a few examples of the Kandinsky quilts I found recently. You can see that Kandinsky's art translates extremely well into art quilts. If you want some inspiration for your own Kandinsky quilt, check out artsy.net where you'll find a catalogue of Kandinsky's artwork.

This Kandinsky quilt pattern is one of three patterns by quilter and fabric designer Patricia Bravo.

Kandinsky Quilt by Patricia Bravo

Check out these gorgeous Kandinsky quilts at the Lollyquiltzs Kandinsky Challenge.

lollyquiltz kandinsky quilt challenge

Kandinsky and Me by Carol J. Floyd. This is an award winning Kandinsky quilt from the 2010 American Quilt Society Quilt Show & Contest in Des Moines, Iowa.

kandinsky inspired quilt by carol j. floyd

Inspired by the Kandinsky classic, Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles. This quilt was created by Rebekah at Don't Call Me Becky.

kandinsky quilt by rebekah

Kandinsky Goes to the Bahamas by Daniela Schupp for the Art Quilt Association Inspired by the Masters Show

Kandinsky Goes to the Bahamas by Daniela Schupp

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  1. It was fun to revisit the quilts from the Kansas City Modern Quilt guild challenge 5 years ago. Thank you for including us in your round up!